How to Get Nepali Passport in the Department of Passport?

As a Nepali citizen, if you are looking to get a passport for your foreign travels then you have come to the right page. In this post, I will show you how you can go to the Department of Passport located in Babarmahal (for Kathmandu) and get your brand new Nepali passport. After you complete the process you will get a machine-readable passport (MRP) suitable for international travel.

What do you need?

  • Must have: Nepali Citizenship/Nagarikta
  • You also need: Photos, a filled up passport application form with the right details, money and the enthusiasm to submit the form.

Where to go?

Department of Passport. In Kathmandu, it is located in Babarmahal.

The Process

Carry the essentials and head to the department of passport. You can fill up the form in your home and print it out or you can do it in one of the unofficial and private passport filling service centers located near the place. Since you also need a photo with the exact specifications, you might avail one of those service centers. I recommend that if you want to be hassle-free. They click your photo, print it, fill up your form and do all the photocopying at around Rs. 200 to Rs. 250.

But if you want to fill up the form yourselves it is available online. Fill up the information here on this web page with 100% accuracy.

  • You begin by agreeing to the terms and submitting the captcha.
  • The form opens.
    Passport Form Online

    • First, you fill up the personal information
    • Second, you fill your next of kin information
    • Then you complete the appointment and preview on the final stage
    • Print out the filled form
  • Paste the photos in the form

Re-check and re-check all the dates and names and whatnot. Photocopy your citizenship and now you are ready for the submission.

Note: Passport fees

  • Rs. 5000 – Normal passport processing. Takes about a month and a half.
  • Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 15,000 for express processing services.

The Form Submitting Process

Department of Passport, Kathmandu, Nepal

It’s simple:

  • Enter the department of passport.
  • Go to window number 107 ‘ख ‘ for normal processing. The person there will check your details. You will notice 107 ‘क’ is for express or urgent processing.
  • Now, head to 106 to get verification and a signature from the official there.
  • Then onwards to window 108 for an additional verification.
  • Now, you go and pay the fees in NMB bank situated right behind the initial building but in the same facility. You fill the voucher four times and submit the cash in the counter there.
    NMB Bank Counter
  • Come back to 107 ‘क’ and do the final submission.
  • Collect your receipt and wait for your passport to be ready. Check the status here.