How to Get No Objection Letter or NOC in Nepal

If you are looking to go abroad for your studies, you will have to make a payment to the international university/college/institute. To do that, you will have to do a SWIFT transfer to the international school that you are trying to get into. And for banks to facilitate that to you, they require certain documents and a “No Objection Letter” or NOC is one of them.

For acquiring a NOC or No Objection Letter in Nepal, all you have to do is visit Kaiser Mahal which is located west of Narayanhity Palace, the place from where you enter Thamel (near Garden of Dreams). There, you fill up a form with some details and submit the necessary documents. After they process it, you will be given your NOC after mid-day or so in the same location.

Here are the requirements:

  1. The form
  2. Citizenship photocopy (and original too for verification)
  3. Transcript or Degree Awarded Certificate. (Carry an original copy as well)
  4. Offer Letter/Acceptance Letter/I-20 sent from your international university.
  5. Rs. 2000/-


  • The transcript that you are carrying should be of the degree that is a step-down than the current education level that you are applying for. That means, if you are applying for a master’s program abroad, bring in your bachelor’s degree.
  • Your I-20/Acceptance Letter/Offer Letter should be accurate: (1) Contain the name of the exact course that you are studying (Eg. Japanese Language Course), (2) Contain the exact name of the university in the header, (3) An invoice detailing your fees structure and (4) The date should be there mentioning a future date when your classes will start.

The Form

Here is what the form looks like.

NOC or No Objection Letter Form

You can download it from here or you can get it in Window no. 4 in Kaiser Mahal for free or you can buy it in the photocopy outlet outside the premises for Rs. 5.

Fill the form in BLOCK LETTERS (meaning all caps).

  • In fields 1, 2 and 3, fill your name, address, dad/mom’s name as it appears on your citizenship certificate. They will verify it from your citizenship photocopy.
  • In number 4, fill the course that you want to study. Eg. Japanese Language Course or Professional Accounting. Again, this should match with your I-20 or offer letter.
  • In number 5, fill the level of your study eg. Master’s or Bachelor’s.
  • In number 6, fill the name of your educational institute and in number 7, the country where you are going to study. This should be revealed from your offer acceptance letter sent in by your college.

Write your details once again in the bottom area (name, address, date, phone no) and sign.

The chances of crowd and line there depends on the season you are applying. I have had friends say that it was easy to get NOC and some say that the line was really, really long.

Line for No Objection Letter

Like people were queuing up with their food outside the gate since early morning. It all depends on whether you are applying during a peak season or not. I commend the staffs there for processing such long queues.

The Submission Process

First you check the form and verify the documents. This is where the line might be long as verification takes long. The person behind the window there will check out what you submitted and draw some red lines here and there. If everything seems ok, she will sign on top of the form and tell you to make the payment in window 2.

Go to Window 2 (the bank window) and take a voucher form there. Fill in the voucher with the details that is present there in an example copy.

Bank Voucher

Give the voucher to the person behind the window along with Rs. 2000 per NOC.

Take your copy of the voucher and go to Window 4, where you will submit your verified form and documents along with the payment voucher. The person there will stamp a number on a piece of paper and will tell you to come after a certain time like after 12 pm or 1 pm.


Go to the next window on your designated time and when you hear your number stamped on the paper being called out, rush and get the form. Go back home and commend yourself because you have completed a feat that takes a lot of energy. Congratulations!

No Objection Letter Sample

Here is what it looks like.

Sample of No Objection Letter of Nepal