Nepali Typing

A free Android application for your mobiles phones and tablets to quickly convert English to Nepali Unicode.

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"Nepali Typing" is a Simple Mobile Application

Quickly transcribe Roman or English alphabets to Devanagari using the universally accepted Nepali Unicode.

Multiple Screens

The simple interface fits all screen sizes perfectly.

Wide Support

Supports a wide range of Android devices and tablets.

Super Simple

It is not only super simple in design but also in functionality.

Free Download

The app is free to use and will be free forever.

How it works

Input English characters using the on-screen or device keyboard and the transcription happens immediately, even when you are offline.

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Offline Conversion

You don't need to go online to access the functionality of the app.

Use the first text box to input characters like ABCDE. The second box will transcribe it to Nepali Unicode based on the phonetical pronounciation. As an example: If you input 'A' it will convert to ''. Similarly, 'a' gives '', 't' gives '', 'T' gives '', 's' gives '', 'S' gives '' , 'sh' gives '' and so on.

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