About Nepali Unicode and Us

About Unicode

Unicode LogoUnicode is a standard to represent many writing scripts around the world. Supporting more than 100 world’s scripts, unicode has become the most popular standard to express writings of different languages. This standard comes as a feature in most modern browsers. That means with the help of unicode, the supported languages can be easily written on any website and the browser displays it without the user having to install any fonts in their computer. The same standard is also available in mobile phones allowing their users to text messages using the same format. Mobile browsers also supports Unicode.

Nepali Unicode is one of the scripts supported by Unicode. That means, Nepali Script or Devnagiri Script can be easily used in computers, web-browsers and mobile phones. But due to the nature of the writing, the number of scripts available and limited number of keys in the keyboard, typing Nepali characters is not directly possible from the keyboard. Online unicode converters just like the one available in this website is required for converting English characters to Nepali Unicode. There are no addons or installations required for you to type in Nepali.

What these unicode converters do is convert your english characters to nepali characters phonetically. The characters are converted by pronunciation. For example B is converted to ब and C is converted to च. Complex characters are converted by complex combinations. For example nga converts to ङ in our converter. The combination of characters used might differ from one converter to another.

Our Nepali Unicode converter is a tool available online for everyone to convert their English alphabets to Nepali writings. You can easily type in the large text box and your Roman characters are converted to Nepali in the aforementioned way. The conversion also does not take any time and happens almost instantly. We also provide a Nepali Keyboard right below the textbox so that you can type using the keyboard as well. The keyboard comes in handy when you have to type special characters or combinations of certain characters and you don’t remember the English alphabet combinations to output those characters.

We hope that the tool that our website provides is enough for you to type in Nepali online. As a choice, we also provide the popular Google Nepali transliterate tool to type in Nepali as well. This tool also does the same task. Additionally, if you are a webmaster looking to add the textbox that converts Nepali Unicode to english in your website, we provide the resources to do so. You are welcomed to share the tool.

You can always contact us if you have something to say.