Preeti to Nepali Unicode Converter (Paste or Type Here for instant converting)

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  • Paste your text written in Preeti or similar Nepali font that follows the same keyboard layout. Conversion will happen instantly in the text box above.
  • After conversion, you can copy and paste the Unicode text anywhere you like. Share in on websites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Post in your blog and know that anyone in the world can read your article in Nepali.
  • This tool is specifically useful for people who are used to classic way of Nepali typing i.e. following बकमा (asdf) keyboard layout. If you are better in typing using this layout, then why not use it to type Nepali online?
  • This tool is also helpful for converting chunks of text written in popular Nepali fonts such as Preeti and Kantipur. Convert old documents written in such fonts to comply with Unicode standards. Then share it on the web or use it offline.
  • This is a new tool presented here. If you come across conversion issues then contact us at [email protected]