Nepali Typing Apps for Your Mobile Phone

If you are the owner of an Android or an Apple device and you are looking to type in Nepali in your phone or tablet, then there are several ways to do so. You can always access this website from your mobile device and convert your English texts to Nepali. But the simplest way to do so is using a native app to convert to Nepali Unicode. Plus you are not always connected to the internet and you might need the feature offline, like say—to send SMS messages.

Now, there are a few apps that allow you to convert Roman Alphabets to Nepali. We have also developed our own native Android app called Typing Nepali. It is useful for offline typing. But we don’t just want to list our own app. There are a couple of those out there and it is best to know all the options.

Please note that this post ignores Nepali Keyboard applications. For the list of such applications, read this other post: Five Nepali Keyboard Apps for Your Android Device.

Here are the lists of Nepali Typing apps for your mobile phone:

For Android Phones and Tablets

1. Nepali Typing

This is a lightweight tool that does instant and offline conversions of English alphabets to Nepali. You do not have to be connected to the internet for the conversion to work. The feature is quite similar to our website’s feature. We thought that it was a great idea to extend our service right in your smartphone and hence we came up with a free Android application.

Nepali Typing App

There are two text boxes. The one on top is where you input characters like ABC. Then in the bottom or the larger text box, you get the Unicode output. There are buttons to help you copy and clear the results. If you happen to use our app, please don’t forget to review it and send in feedback. We will address them in future versions.

2. Type Nepali

This app by Nepalayas works just like all those websites which converts your text to Nepali. It has already reached 500K+ installs at the Play Store. Currently, it is already popular and if you are an Android user who has vividly searched for a Nepali typing app, chances are that you have already come across this app.

Type Nepali by Nepalayas

There are two text boxes: in one you input and from the other one you get the results. The characters that you type will automatically be converted into Devanagari script. Then all you have to do is copy and paste to where you want to use it. To make it simple, there is a copy button which makes the task quick. One drawback is that it only works in portrait mode. Tablet users will have to rotate their device to get it right.

3. Type Nepali – abc2कखग

This is the second most popular conversion app and the publisher is listed Er. Hari K Bista. The app is a bit more advanced. Besides just doing the conversions phonetically, it also suggests words and spellings. So you might just get the right word easily with the word suggestion feature.

ABC 2 Ka Kha Ga


At the bottom there are some quick links. You will find buttons to copy and paste your generated text. There are two other interesting links which are: Email and SMS. Pressing the email link will open up an option to choose an email client. The compose box will have the Nepali text inserted automatically. The same is with the SMS feature. Overall, this one has got some useful features to speed up your tasks.

For Apple iPhone and iPad

  1. Type Nepali by Nepalayas: This is the same popular application by the same developer, Nepalayas. But this one is for iOS devices. You can install it in your iPhone or iPad for typing in Nepali.
  2. Type Nepali – abc2Kakhaga: The feature rich abc2Kakhaga app is also available in Apple devices. Compose messages and transcribe to Nepali easily.
  3. Type Nepali by Raj Bala: Another option for iPhone users. Write in Nepali in the textbox and use the quick links to share to Facebook, Twitter or send it by Email and SMS.

Final Words

The app stores of the two popular platforms Android and iOS have a couple of apps to transcribe English to Nepali. It is useful to have one of these apps in your device. We hope that the six applications that we listed are enough for your needs. We are also aware that we do not have an iOS app of our own but maybe, in the future we will. For now, Android users can enjoy our official release and iOS users will have to use one of the three listed above.