How to Renew Bluebook Paying Vehicle Tax in Nepal?

Paying road tax is a yearly duty for owners of vehicles. We have to dedicate some hours of the day to go to the Transportation Management Office of our respective zones and pay the yearly road tax. For Bagmati zone and for motorbikes, the office that you want to visit is in Ekantakuna, Lalitpur. Ask around if you are not sure where you have to go for your zone.

The place is usually filled with people who are there to pay their tax. It is crowded during the end of the Nepali year or during the end of the fiscal period. Also note that along with the regular vehicle tax, we also have to do a mandatory third party insurance for our vehicles to get our blue books renewed.

Here are the steps with pictures to pay your tax in Nepal:

  1. Visit the Transportation Management Office (Yatayat Bebastha Karyala/यातायात व्यवस्था कार्यालय). For motorbikes it is located in Ekantakuna.
    Transportation Management Office for Motorcycles in Bagmati
  2. Do a third party insurance for your vehicle. There are tons of insurers that are set up right outside the main building.
    Third Party Insurance
  3. Stand in line and pay the yearly charge from one of the counters. Give them your blue book and they’ll calculate the amount for you.
    Payment Counters
  4. Take back the bill book, along with the receipt of payment and your insurance papers. Submit it to another window in the back.
    Place to Submit Bluebook
  5. Wait till your vehicles number is called out from another window and get all your documents back. Make sure that everything is in place (stamps/signatures/dates) and go back home being satisfied that you won’t have to come here for another year.
    Get Your Bluebook Back

Ride safely!

Note: The pictures and experiences above are the result of paying motorbike road taxes for Bagmati zone.

Want to know the cost?

Here you go: Yearly Vehicle Tax Rate in Nepal for Fiscal Year 2072 – 2073?