CA Elections Nepal 2013 Final Results

The result of Constituent assembly 2013 of Nepal is out. Here are the results for First-Past-The-Post (FPTP), Proportional Representation (PR) and total seats along with total votes received on proportional basis.

#Name of Political PartyFPTPPRTotalPR Votes
1Nepali Congress105911962421252
2Communist Party of Nepal91841752243477
3Unified Communist Party of Nepal2654801438666
4Rastriya Prajatantra Party Nepal02323624281
5Madhesi Jana Adhikar Forum Nepal (Democratic)41014266276
6Rastriya Prajatantra Party31013259238
7Tarai-Madhesh Loktantrik Party4711180435
8Madheshi Jana Adhikar Forum Nepal2810212733
9Sadbhavana Party156133521
10Nepal Communist Party (Marxist – Lenninist)055130261
11Sanghiya Samajbadi Party, Nepal055121580
12Nepal Majdur Kishan Party13466642
13Rastriya Janamorcha03392498
14Nepali Communist Party (United)03391964
15Rastriya Madesh Samajbadi Party03379680
16Tarai Madhesh Sadbhavana Party Nepal12365467
17Rastriya Janamukti Party02263839
18Tharuhat Tarai Party Nepal02262894
19Nepal Pariwar Dal02251819
20Dalit Janjati Party02249242
21Akhanda Nepal Party01136851
22Nepali Janata Dal01133278
23Madheshi Janadhikar Forum (Ganatantrik)01132031
24Khambuwan Rastriya Morcha Nepal01130689
25Nepa: Rastriya Party01128020
26Janajagaran Party Nepal01127398
27Sanghiya Sadhbhawana Party01126835
28Madhesh Samata Party Nepal01123988
29Sanghiya Loktantrik Rastriya Manch (Tharuhat)01121581
30Samajbawi Janata Party01121539
31Sanghiya Ganatantrik Samajbadi Party, Nepal01118680

About Nepal’s Constituent Assembly Election 2013

Nepal just completed one of the major events of this year. The major event that I am talking about is of course, the Constituent Assembly election. In the mixed electoral system of Nepal, there are two components. The first one is First-Past-The-Post (henceforth FPTP) and the other one is Proportional Representation (henceforth PR).

CA Elections Nepal

There are total 601 seats available in the constituent assembly. Nepal is divided into 240 constituencies. One from each of those constituencies will get seats for the constituent assembly. In PR system the entire country is considered as a single constituency. For PR system 335 seats are allocated and representatives are selected on the basis of proportion of the vote that their party gets. The remaining 26 seats are there for indistinguished personalities and indigenous nationalities.