5 Apps to Find Nepali to English Translations/Meanings

To translate from English to Nepali and Nepali to English, there are several free apps for Android devices. These apps install within minutes and are able to perform your translations immediately. They are quite accurate when it comes to translating. You might need more than one app when you don’t find certain words and for accuracy.

Note that you can also simply use Google Translate as it now supports Nepali. But our language is not available as an offline package yet.

Here are five different free Android apps for Nepali/English meaning search and translations:

1. Nepali Dictionary – Offline by HamroPatro

Nepali Dictionary - Offline by HamroPatro

This happens to be the most popular app for converting Nepali words to English and vice versa. This one has a large number of features. Here are some attractive ones:

  • Both Way Translation: Convert words and find meanings both ways.
  • Works offline: All the aspects of the app except the video guides work offline.
  • Large Number of Word Definitions: You are likely to find your exact word.
  • Immediate Search: Just type in the search box and the results will start displaying immediately.
  • Search Input Features: Find words by typing them in English alphabets or by entering Nepali Unicode.
  • Learn Phrases: Common phrases like the ones used for greetings and emergency are listed. Learn them easily.
  • Learn Words: Learn new words daily with “Word of the Day” feature and from the “Words” section.
  • Games: Play fun games like “Hangman” and “Word Search” to learn and discover new words.

2. English Nepali Dictionary by Nepalayas

English Nepali Dictionary

If you have connectivity all the time, then you can use this online app. Just enter an English word and you will find the Nepali word for it immediately. Translation is only one way. Sometimes, searches take long.

3. Nepali Translator

Nepali Translator

This one also works only when you are online with one way translation from English to Nepali. Just enter the English word and you get the Nepali meaning.

4. Nepali to English Dictionary by KHANDBAHALE.COM

Nepali to English Dictionary by KHANDBAHALE.COM

This app also allows you to enter Nepali words and get their English meanings. You can enter the search term using Roman alphabets or Devanagari. When entering Roman alphabets, you will have to enter Nepali words phonetically.

5. English to Nepali Dictionary by KHANDBAHALE.COM

English to Nepali Dictionary by KHANDBAHALE.COM

This is the exact opposite app of the one mentioned above. This one appears to work offline as well. The search results are a bit sketchy. The top result might not be what you are looking for.