Manage Nepal Share Market Portfolio with Google Drive

If you are an investor in Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE), then you are probably looking for a good solution to view your portfolio of shares. Did you know that you can get it instantly with the help of Google Drive or Google Docs? You can easily import the prices of all the shares, select the ones that you own and calculate their present worth.

This is done by importing tables of share price data from sites like ShareSansar and NepalStock into a spreadsheet. Then you can select the shares that you have, multiply them by the quantity you own and you get their total value. It is quite easy actually.

Here are the detail steps to manage your NEPSE shares portfolio using Google Drive or Google Docs:

  1. Open in your browser. Sign in with your Google account.
  2. Hit the create button present in the left and click on Spreadsheet.
    Google Drive Create Spreadsheet
  3. In the new spreadsheet, select a cell type the following formula
    =ImportHtml(""& minute(now()),"table",1)

    =ImportHtml(""& minute(now()),"table",7)

    Stock Formula Spreadsheet

  4. After a short moment of loading, the entire table of NEPSE stocks will be imported in your spreadsheet.
    Stock Price Loaded

Now you can manage your portfolio using the normal spreadsheet formula like multiplying, adding etc. This table is supposed to update every minute.

For example: You have 200 shares of Agriculture Development Bank Limited and 100 shares of Century Commercial Bank Ltd. To calculate their total net worth based on the closing price:

  1. Click on an empty table and begin by typing =.
  2. Click on the Column that says Closing Price and the Row that corresponds to the share price of Agriculture Development Bank Limited.
    My Company Shares
  3. In another column input the total number of shares that you have.
  4. Repeat the process for the shares of other companies. In this example it is Century Bank.
  5. Then multiply the share price with total shares and extract their sum.

My Portfolio

Note: Since the table data refreshes automatically, the values also change according to market price.