Facebook: How to Find Out Total Nepali Users?

If you want to find out the estimated total Facebook users of Nepal or any other country for that matter, then you can look to the official source. The statistics are provided by Facebook itself for the sake of its advertisers who want to target a certain region or country.

I am sure that time and again, you have come against Facebook stats of Nepal which tells us the estimated number of Facebook users as of any given month or year. To find out this number, you just have to visit the advertising section of the website and try to create an ad targeting the entire country of Nepal.

You do not actually have to pay for the advertisement to find out the stats. Just create a mock up ad, target the whole of Nepal and you will be shown an estimated number of people that you will reach. This is the number that you are looking for.


Before creating an ad, you are required to have a page on Facebook that you want to advertise. Create a Facebook page before trying to create an ad.

Here are the detail steps to find out the total Facebook Users of Nepal:

  1. Visit https://www.facebook.com/advertising
  2. Click the “Create an Ad” button.
  3. Create a test ad with details like:
    • In Step 1: Choose any objective for your campaign like: “Promote your page”.
    • In Step 2: Leave it as it is.
    • In Step 3: Make sure of the following:
    • Locations: Nepal (All Nepal)
    • Age: 13 – 65+
    • Gender: All
    • Connections: All

On the right, there is “Audience Definition” under which you’ll see Potential Reach: 4,400,000 people.

How to Find Total Nepalese Facebook Users

The potential reach is what we are looking for. After including all the demographics, this number should reflect the total number of Facebook users of Nepal. It is not 100% accurate but it gives us the fair idea about the users from Nepal.