Conversion Between Nepali Units for Area, Weight and Volume

Classical Nepali units of measurement are different than the rest of the world. We have units that are unique to Nepal and they are still used popularly. They are used for official purposes. Not everyone are aware of these units or they aren’t even taught at school. But due to their usefulness, it doesn’t hurt to learn the conversion between these units. One should also be aware of converting these units to internationally recognized ones like the metric system of measurement.

Nepali units such as Aana, Kattha, Mana, and Tola are still popular in measuring different things in Nepal. For example when we have to measure gold and silver, we normally use Tola and when we have to measure land area, we use Aana and Ropani. These are more popular units when compared to grams and meter square or feet square. But due to different international standards, it can be a problem to convert between these units. This post is a handy guide for such conversions.

Some examples of such units are:

  • Units for Measuring Area: Dam, Aana, Paisa, Ropani, Katha and Bigha (Used for Land Measurement)
  • Units for Measuring Weight: Tola, Chatak, Pau, Dharni etc.
  • Units for Measuring Volume: Muthi, Mana, Kuruwa, Pathi, Muri etc.

Given below are the conversion charts to convert between Nepali units of measurement and to the metric system.

Area Measurement in Nepal

1 Dam 21.39 sq. ft.1.99 m2

1 Paisa 4 Dam 85.56 sq. ft. 7.95 m2
1 Aana 4 Paisa 342.25 sq. ft. 31.80 m2
1 Ropani 16 Aana 5,476 sq. ft. 508.72 m2
1 Dhur 182.25 sq. ft. 16.93 m2
1 Kattha 20 Dhur 3645 sq. ft. 338.63 m2
1 Bigha 20 Kattha 72900 sq. ft. 6772.63 m2

Note: Dam, paisa, aana and ropani are popular in the Hilly region and dhur, kattha and bigha are popular in Terai region of Nepal.

Weight Measurement in Nepal

1 Lal 0.1166 Grams
1 Tola 100 Lal 11.66 Grams
1 Chatak 4.5 Tola 58.31 Grams
1 Pau 199 Grams
1 Dharni 12 Pau 2.39 KG

Volume Measurement in Nepal

1 Muthi
1 Mana 10 Muthi
1 Kuruwa 2 Mana
1 Pathi 8 Mana
1 Muri 20 Pathi