Nepali Months in English and Vice Versa

Although Julian and Gregorian calendar months are accepted in Nepal, we mainly use Nepali Months or Bikram Sambat Months in Nepal. Our Nepali Calendar follows the 12 months of the Bikram Sambat from Baisakh to Chaitra. These months can have from 29 to 32 days. They do not align perfectly with the Julian Calendar months. You probably know that Baishak 1 is not January 1 or the first day of any other month.

Actually, two English months fall under a single Bikram Sambat or an official Nepali month. For example: April and May falls in the month of Baisakh. This gets complicated if we bring in the Newari calendar months (Nepal Sambat) in the mix. It actually follows the lunar cycle.

So, here are the Nepali months along with their corresponding English (Julian or Gregorian) calendar months and Newari or Nepal Sambat months.

Nepali (Bikram Sambat) Months English (Julian/Gregorian) Months Newari (Nepal Sambat) Months
Baishakh बैशाख April – May चौला – वछला
Jestha जेठ May – June वछला – तछला
Asar असार July – August तछला – दिल्ला
Shrawan श्रावण August – September दिल्ला – गुंला
Bhadau भदौ September – October गुंला – ञला
Aswin आश्विन October – November ञला – कौला
Kartik कार्तिक November – December कौला – कछला
Mansir मंसिर December – January कछला – थिंला
Poush पुष January – February थिंला – पोहेला
Magh माघ February – March पोहेला – सिल्ला
Falgun फाल्गुन March – April सिल्ला – चिल्ला
Chaitra चैत्र April – May चिल्ला – चौला