Public Holidays in Nepal for 2071 B.S.

A new year has dawned upon us and this time it is 2071 Bikram Samvat (B.S.). As we all know that Nepal has only one day break or holiday in a week. One might complain that this one day holiday is not enough. But since we have a large number of festivals and other event holidays, Saturday being the only day off sounds quite fair.

The Government of Nepal has marked many events as official holidays. There are even unique events celebrated by different ethnic races and genders. Such days are also marked as special holidays for those people. It is true that not every private office in our country follows public holidays announced by the Government. But Government offices close on those public holidays.

This is a new post for this year dedicated towards listing all the official public holidays in Nepal. The holidays apply only for 2071 B.S. because of the fact that festivals don’t always fall on the same calendar date. This list does not include Saturdays without any holidays.

Here is the list of holidays of Nepal for 2071 Bikram Samvat (B.S):

1Baishak 1Apr 14, 2014MondayNepali New year
2Baishak 11Apr 24, 2014ThursdayLoktantra Diwas
3Baishak 18May 1, 2014ThursdayLabor Day
4Baishak 31May 14, 2014WednesdayBuddha Jayanti
5Jestha 15May 29, 2014ThursdayGanatantra Diwas
6Shrawan 25Aug 10, 2014SundayJanai Purnima / Rakshabandhan
7Shrawan 26Aug 11, 2014MondayGai Jatra (Only Kathmandu Valley)
8Bhadau 1Aug 17, 2014SundayShree Krishna Janmastami
9Bhadau 12Aug 28, 2014ThursdayTeej
10Bhadau 14Aug 30, 2014SaturdayRishi Panchami (Only for Women)
11Bhadau 17Sep 2, 2014TuesdayGaura Parwa
12Bhadau 23Sep 8, 2014MondayIndra Jatra (Only Kathmandu Valley)
13Aswin 9Sep 25, 2014ThursdayGhatasthapana
14Aswin 15Oct 1, 2014WednesdayFulpati
15Aswin 16Oct 2, 2014ThursdayMahastami
16Aswin 17Oct 3, 2014FridayMahanawami / Bijaya Dashami
17Aswin 18Oct 4, 2014SaturdayEkadashi
18Aswin 19Oct 5, 2014SundayDuwadashi
19Aswin 21Oct 7, 2014TuesdayKojagrat Purnima
20Kartik 6Oct 23, 2014ThursdayLaxmi Puja
21Kartik 7Oct 24, 2014FridayMha Puja / Govardhan Puja
22Kartik 8Oct 25, 2014SaturdayBhaitika
23Kartik 12Oct 29, 2014WednesdayChhath Parwa
24Kartik 20Nov 6, 2014ThursdayGuru Nanak Jayanti (Only For Sikhs)
25Mangsir 20Dec 6, 2014SaturdayYo: Mari Punhi
26Poush 10Dec 25, 2014ThursdayChristmas
27Poush 15Dec 30, 2014TuesdayTamu Losar
28Magh 1Jan 15, 2015ThursdayMaghe Sankranti
29Magh 7Jan 21, 2015WednesdaySonam Losar
30Magh 11Jan 25, 2015SundaySaraswati Puja (Only in Some Schools)
31Magh 16Jan 30, 2015FridayMartyrs Day
32Falgun 5Feb 17, 2015TuesdayMaha ShivaRatri
33Falgun 7Feb 19, 2015ThursdayPrajatantra Diwas / Gyalbo Losar
34Falgun 21Mar 5, 2015ThursdayFagu Purnima
35Falgun 22Mar 6, 2015FridayHoli in Terai (Only in Terai Region)
36Falgun 24Mar 8, 2015SundayWomen’s Day
37Chaitra 6Mar 20, 2015FridayGhoda Jatra (Only Kathmandu Valley)
38Chaitra 14Mar 28, 2015SaturdayRam Nawami

Some Events Without a Holiday:

1Baishak 16Apr 29, 2014TuesdayMother’s Day in Nepal
2Shrawan 9Jul 25, 2014FridayGatha Muga:
3Shrawan 16Aug 1, 2014FridayNag Panchami
4Bhadau 8Aug 25, 2014MondayFather’s Day in Nepal
5Bhadau 29Sep 14, 2014SundayChildren’s Day in Nepal
6Aswin 1Sep 17, 2014WednesdayViswakarma Puja
7Kartik 4Oct 21, 2014TuesdayKag Tihar
8Kartik 5Oct 22, 2014WednesdayKukur Tihar
9Mangsir 5Nov 21, 2014FridayBala Chaturdashi
10Mangsir 11Nov 27, 2014ThursdayBibah Panchami
11Poush 7Dec 22, 2014MondayTol Losar
12Poush 20Jan 4, 2014SundaySwasthani Bratta Begins
13Poush 29Jan 11, 2015SundayPrithvi Jayanti
14Magh 11Jan 25, 2015SundaySaraswati Puja
15Chaitra 13Mar 27, 2015FridayChaite Dashain

Some Intersting Fact About This Year’s Holidays

  • There are 31 total holidays that are applicable nationwide throughout all ethnic groups and genders.
  • Four of those nationwide holidays i.e. Ekadashi (Dashain), Bhaitika, Yo: Mari Punhi and Ram Nawami falls on Saturday.
  • There are 7 holidays that are celebrated in certain regions, by a certain gender or ethnic group. For example: Gaijatra is only celebrated in Kathmandu and hence Kathmandu observes a regional holiday on that day.
  • The total holiday count including gender/ethnicity/region exclusive ones are 38 days.
  • The day with the most holiday this year is Thursday. There are 12 Thursdays which are holidays.
  • Asar is the only month this time without any public vacation.
  • Dashain falls on Aswin which makes it the month with most holidays. Aswin has 6 weekday festival events and 4 Saturdays which make it a month with 10 holidays.
  • Mahanawami and Vijaya Dashami falls on the same day this year.
  • There are 52 Saturdays this year.

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