How to Renew Driving License in Nepal

Driving licenses expire every 5 years in Nepal and for Bagmati zone, the Department of Transport Management located in Ekantakuna, Lalitpur handle these renewals. The process for renewing the driving license requires us to fill a couple of forms, do some medical tests, get the forms validated multiple times, get our previous information checked and we pay the tax as well. After the final touches of pasting the photo in the card, and giving it back for pasting the hologram sticker, getting a few stamps and signatures—the Nepali driving license will be renewed.

Overall, the process is time consuming and really boring. It takes a good part of your day, so spare a day to go there for the renewal. Be ready to stand in lines. Before you go, you need a few things.


  • An expired driving license. If it has been expired for more than 3 months expect fines.
  • 2 Passport and 1 Auto Size photograph. The recommended dimension for the small photograph is 2 cm X 2cm.
  • An attested photocopy of Nepali citizenship. Write “सक्कल बमोजिम नक्कल ठिक छ।” behind the photocopy and sign.
  • Rs. 700 for A) Motorcycle, Scooter, Moped renewal. More if you have the authority to drive other vehicles. Rs. 10 for two forms, Rs. 10 – 15 for a Rs. 10 postal ticket and Rs. 10 for the medical test.
  • Stationery items. Pen, Glue, Stapler and even a stamp pad if possible.

The Renewal Process

Building 2 of Department of Transport Management in Ekantakuna

Go to the Department of Transport Management which falls under Ministry of Physical Infrastructure & Transport. Go as early as possible, making sure you are there by 10. It is located in Ekantakuna, Lalitpur. It is the place where you were first issued a driving license.

Get the forms, one for renewal (Rs. 5) and another for medical test (Rs. 5). The place to take the form is right in front of building no. 1.

Fill up the forms. It’s short and easy. You might not need other people to do it for you. There will be people asking you whether they can provide the service. Fill it with details like your name, address, license number, expiry date and sign it. Paste your passport photo on the first form. Fill the second form—the medical form—with your name and address. Put the old license on top, two forms in the middle and the citizenship at the end and staple them together.

Lines for License Renewal in Different Rooms and Windows

Go towards building 2. Right next to its main gate, pay Rs. 10 to get the voucher for a medical test. Then head straight, reach behind the building, turn left and you will find room no. 12 for medical tests. They’ll do the color blindness test which you will easily pass unless you are really colorblind. Try this online test for color blindness.

Get your information entered into the computer after the medical, in the same building. It’s room no. 5 and it is towards the right from the medical room. The window of this room opens from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm and it closes exactly on time. That is why you have to go in early. There will probably be a line in front of this room. Submit your papers and they will input the information into the computer. Go to window 6 which is right next to 5 in the same room. Give your form, they will punch something in the computer and give it to you.

Pay the license tax in room 7. The amount depends and for a bike license it’s Rs. 700. After paying and verifying it through the second window in room 7, move on to the next room. You should check whether your name, license number, address and other information is correct in a new printed form that they provide you.

Submit the form in the next one which is room no. 8. They’ll do some more checking and provide you the card and an additional form.

Fill up the additional form. You’ll have to do the finger print sign (ल्याप्चे) for your right and left thumb in the form. Paste the second passport photo in it. Paste your auto photo on the license card. You’ll find some glue and a stamp pad in the front-face or the other side of the building which is the reception section. Don’t forget to sign behind the card. Submit it back from the second window of room 8. They will move it themselves to the next room i.e. room 9.

In the final stage, wait and wait some more. A hologram will be pasted over your photo in the card. It will be finalized with stamps and signatures. They will call your name and give you your pristine treasure that is a brand new driving license with a validity of five years.

Overall, it is a great boring, struggling journey to get a driving license renewed. Standing in the lines that never seem to move and waiting for your name that seems to be called last will take the good part of a day away. They have pasted this notice that says they will bring back the Driving License Registration (DLRS) server which is facing problems currently. It uses token systems and what not. It is supposed to come back soon but believe it when you see it. At the end, you will feel like you’ve won a war. Keep your license safely and drive safe. Be happy that you won’t have to come to this place for five years.