List of Public Holidays in Nepal for 2072 B.S. (2015 – 2016)

Bikram Samvat calendar is the official one that is followed in Nepal. According to it, the year is 2072. In this year, the Government of Nepal has announced a number of days as public holidays. Starting from the first one i.e. Baishak 1—the New Year’s day holiday—there are more than 30 days of public holidays in Nepal. The 30+ days of holidays are for everyone in Nepal. Four of those days seems to fall on a Saturday. The rest of the holidays are on weekdays so expect public offices, organizations and institutions to be closed on those days.

In Nepal, there are also exclusive or special kinds of holidays. These holidays are different because they are applicable to only a certain region of the country or to a certain gender, race or religion. For example: Risi Panchami is a holiday that is given only to women and Indra Jatra holiday is only applicable inside Kathmandu Valley. There are a 8 such days. For the list of public holidays that we created this year, the two types of holidays—for everyone and not for everyone—have been separated into two lists. But the holiday for Fagu Purnima/Holi is kept on the first list. You can refer to our official Nepali calendar as well.

List of Public Holidays in Nepal for 2072 B.S. (2015 – 2016)

So, according to the two lists, the first one has exactly 32 off days and the second one has 8 off days. The absolute cumulative number of holidays is thus 40. 30 of them are for everyone, 2 days is for Holi in the hills and Holi in Terai and finally there are 8 other special kinds of exclusive holidays. We also observed 2 days holiday for public feedback collection on the constitution draft.

Here is the list of public holidays for the Bikram Samvat year 2072 (April 14, 2015 – April 12, 2016) in Nepal:

1Baishak 1Apr 14, 2015TuesdayNepali New year
2Baishak 11Apr 24, 2015FridayLoktantra Diwas
3Baishak 18May 1, 2015FridayLabor Day
4Baishak 21May 4, 2015MondayBuddha Jayanti
5Jestha 15May 29, 2015FridayGanatantra Diwas
6Shrawan 4Jul 20, 2015MondayEid
7Shrawan 5Jul 21, 2015TuesdayConstitution Feedback Collection
8Shrawan 6Jul 22, 2015WednesdayConstitution Feedback Collection
9Bhadra 12Aug 29, 2015SaturdayJanai Purnima / Rakshabandhan
10Bhadau 19Sep 5, 2015SaturdayShree Krishna Janmastami
11Aswin 26Oct 13, 2015TuesdayGhatasthapana
12Kartik 3Oct 20, 2015TuesdayFulpati
13Kartik 4Oct 21, 2015WednesdayMahastami
14Kartik 5Oct 22, 2015ThursdayMahanawami / Bijaya Dashami
15Kartik 6Oct 23, 2015FridayEkadashi
16Kartik 7Oct 24, 2015SaturdayDuwadashi
17Kartik 9Oct 26, 2015MondayKojagrat Purnima
18Kartik 25Nov 11, 2015WednesdayLaxmi Puja
19Kartik 26Nov 12, 2015ThursdayMha Puja / Govardhan Puja
20Kartik 27Nov 13, 2015FridayBhaitika
21Mangsir 1Nov 17, 2015TuesdayChhath Parwa
22Poush 10Dec 25, 2015FridayYo: Mari Punhi
23Poush 10Dec 25, 2015FridayChristmas
23Poush 15Dec 30, 2015WednesdayTamu Lhochhar
24Magh 1Jan 15, 2016FridayMaghe Sankranti
25Magh 16Jan 30, 2016SaturdayMartyrs Day
26Magh 26Feb 9, 2016TuesdaySonam Losar
27Falgun 7Feb 19, 2016FridayPrajatantra Diwas
28Falgun 24Mar 7, 2016MondayMaha ShivaRatri
29Falgun 25Mar 8, 2016TuesdayWomen’s Day
30Falgun 26Mar 9, 2016WednesdayGyalpo Lhosar
31Chaitra 9Mar 22, 2016TuesdayFagu Purnima
32Chaitra 10Mar 23, 2016WednesdayHoli in Terai (Only in Terai Region)

Here is the second list for exclusive or special holidays:

1Bhadra 13Aug 30, 2015SundayGai Jatra (Only Kathmandu Valley)
2Aswin 1Sep 18, 2015FridayRishi Panchami (Only for Women)
3Aswin 10Sep 27, 2015SundayIndra Jatra (Only Kathmandu Valley)
4Bhadau 22Sep 8, 2015TuesdayNijamati Diwas
5Bhadau 30Sep 16, 2015WednesdayTeej (Only for Women)
6Mangsir 9Nov 25, 2015WednesdayGuru Nanak Jayanti (Only For Sikhs)
7Falgun 1Feb 13, 2016SaturdayShreepanchami (Only in Some Schools)
8Chaitra 25Apr 7, 2016ThursdayGhoda Jatra (Only Kathmandu Valley)

Since, Dashain and Tihar falls on the same month i.e. Kartik, it is the month with the most holidays. There are 9 total holidays on this month out of which one is on Saturday. Enjoy the holidays and let us know if we left something out.