Top 10 Interesting Nepali Facebook Pages

Facebook is filled with interesting people and pages. It is a large website with what seems like infinite content and you will come across different fascinating things. Whether it is pictures, videos or just text posts, you will find them very eye catching. Jokes and funny pictures are hilarious because they are relevant. To find content that one can relate to, one should check out some popular local pages.

For us Nepalese, we find a lot of Nepal related Facebook pages that are actively posting amusing content almost every day. These pictures, jokes, comics and videos are all related to the pop culture that we have come to love. Whether you are looking to read jokes, laugh at some funny pictures or watch some interesting videos, there will be pages uploading and sharing those. A lot of these “Nepali Meme” pages tend to go viral with thousands of likes and engagement.

Flags of Nepal

In this post, I have listed 10 interesting and popular Facebook Pages. These pages, undoubtedly, have a large number of likes. They might not be the most popular Nepali Pages on Facebook but they are sought after by many. Entertainment is guaranteed with these pages.

The list is as follows:

  1. meme Nepal [290,000+ Likes]
    A page that I see in my timeline everyday. It seems that every other friend of mine is posting jokes shared by meme Nepal. Visit and follow it if you are looking for some hilarious one liner meme pictures.
  2. ‘Nepal’ 8th wonder of the world [330,000+ Likes]
    This page specializes in sharing awesome pictures of Nepal. When I say awesome, the images are simply mind blowing. The content is simply captivating as you get to check out the pictures of the great Himalayas, trekking destinations and some classy photos of Nepal.
  3. Troll Nepal [171,000+ Likes]
    The page doesn’t have to do that much with trolling people but it does have some of the best one-liners that one can find in Facebook. They are obviously related to Nepal so someone who is not familiar with the culture might not find it interesting.
  4. Stories of Nepal [206,000+ Likes]
    The description for the page mentions that it is inspired by the popular blog and book, “Humans of New York.” You will find heart touching stories of people that will inspire you. The stories can sometimes be really sad. Scroll down indefinitely and you will come across more and more captivating content.
  5. Routine of Nepal Banda [254,000+ Likes]
    Obviously started to make people aware of the much dreaded information about strikes and Nepal bandas, the page is now actively sharing news and impactful pictures. It still does inform us about Nepal bandas.
  6. Men’s Room Reloaded [41,000+ Likes]
    A public page that was created after the very famous men’s only exclusive group on the world’s largest social network. You will find content that are appealing but they are not as fun and popular as meme Nepal’s.
  7. Nepali Flag [250,000++ Likes]
    A page dedicated to the National Flag of Nepal. Shares pictures of Nepali Flag along with a broad range of posts belonging to a variety of related topics.
  8. Kaagmandu Magazine [36,000+ Likes]
    Although this page hasn’t been able to garner as many likes as the others in the club, this one uploads and writes on a number of subject matters like social issues and trending topics. You will also find amazing pictures.
  9. Top Nepali Jokes [473,000+ Likes]
    Continuing on the funny trend, this one is a humor based page for jokes, thoughtful ideas and mostly random content.
  10. Bore Lagyo [25,000+ Likes]
    The page title itself explains it. It is the page that you would normally visited when you are bored. The content seems random and the followers love it.

If you have Nepali facebook page(s) to add to the list then submit them in the comments below.