Welcome to This Site and Blog

Namaste and welcome to my blog. This is the first Nepali Blog that I have ever started and I plan to do a lot with it. I just finished designing and programming this blog just today and here I am writing a first post for it.

In this blog, I plan to write about Nepal. I would be writing articles on topics that interest me as long as they are related to Nepal. Sometimes I might go out of this boundary to write something different. But I will try to keep this blog Nepal relevant as much as possible.

Since, this is a Nepali Blog, I will be writing the posts both in English and Nepali. That means I will have to write every post two times in two languages. You are seeing of an example right now. Forgive me if I make mistakes. Point them out to me and I will fix them as soon as I can.

I am using the Nepali Unicode and Type in Nepali feature that this site provides to write in Devnagiri. You can try it too. I do not know of any other blog that does so. This is a new thing for me as well. Translating my words from one post to another will take some time. Translating will also require a lot of work. That is why I might not be able to post a lot. I hope that my translations will also prove useful enough. I also hope that I will be able to improve over time.

This is all the time I have for my first short post. Stick around the blog and the website with several online tools dedicated to Nepal. This site has:

Nepali Unicode Converter: To Convert English scripts to Devnagiri/Nepali script.
Nepali Calendar: To know the Bikram Samvat date, month, time as well as Tithis or Lunar Days.
Nepali Date Converter: To convert Nepali date to English and English date to Nepali.
Date and Time in Nepal: To find out the currect date and time in Nepal.

I might add new tools in the future. But now I will be working on improving those tools and this blog.

Anyways, Welcome to Nepali-Unicode Blog.