How to Tune in to Nepali FM and Radio Using Android

It is always fun to listen to Nepali FM and Radio stations. It is actually fun if you are abroad and if you want to listen to some Nepali songs. Now with the popularity of Android phones in the market, we have several free apps for our Android devices. Those apps allows us to tune into FM and Radio channels with our phones. We have to be connected to the internet to be able to stream radio online.

Google’s Play Store has several international as well as Nepali apps that allow us to listen to Nepali FM. In this post I will try to list five of those apps that allows us to tune into several Nepali FM stations. Remember you have to have an Android phone or tablet to be able to use these free apps. Also note that, not all radio stations of Nepal broadcast 24/7.

List of free apps for listening to Nepali FM and Radio online in Android phones and tablets:

Radio Nepali

Radio NepaliRadio Nepali is the most popular Nepali app for listening to FM and Radio with Android phones. You get a choice of more than 80 radio and FM stations to choose from. With this app you will be busy switching through the ample number of available channels. Tune in to some of the greatest Nepali radio shows when they are on air.


Nepali FM Radio

Nepali FM RadioPromising you with around 150 radio stations and FM channels from all over Nepal, this is a great app for you. This app also provides additional details about the stations like where they are broadcasted from, frequency of the station and the website of the station. The number of FM channels in this is huge.


Radio Nepali Songs – Music FM

Radio Nepali Songs - Music FMThis free app for Android devices is totally worth it if you want to listen to some Radio channels online. The list of stations available in this is more than 90 and that is more than enough for you. Tune into some great talk shows and music shows whenever you are free and are in the mood. You can also add external radio stations with this one if you know their broadcast url.


Nepali Radio

Nepali RadioMany popular radio stations are supported by this app. Listen to great and always popular stations on the air such as Kantipur FM and Image FM. Nepal has tons of radio and Fm stations on the air these days. With this app, you get to listen to the greatest ones from all over Nepal.


Tune-it Radio

Tune-it RadioThis is an international radio streaming app for Android phones. Streaming entire world’s radio stations to people all over the world, this is the number one radio app in Android. Even for Nepal this is a suitable app as it has a huge number of Nepali radio stations in its list. To get to Nepali stations just do a search for Nepal.