List of 10 Timeless Nepali Classic Music and Songs

When it comes to Nepali music, it has come a long way. Nepali songs and music have been constantly evolving. We hear new tastes of Nepali music every time. These days tune into radio/internet/television and you will hear how much influenced Nepali songs have been from western musical culture. Some are even influenced from Bollywood or Indian music. But remember during the 90s, when most of us were still a child, radio was a hit and songs were quite different from what we hear today. TV showed up late and you just had one channel to begin with.

Those were the times when musicians like Narayan Gopal, Tara Devi and Arun Thapa rocked the radio waves. They were the sounds of each and every house or neighborhood that had a radio. These music artists did not require advanced equipments and effects to record. Songs from Nepali Movies were also a hit back then with every hopeful person singing such tunes. Those songs have had their own impact and are still played by many. This post is dedicated to remembering such timeless classic Nepali songs.

I will try to list 10 awesome Nepali classic songs that will steal your heart away. Don’t think that this list provides the best of Nepali classics or is a countdown of some sort. This is just a list of 10 songs that will take you back to your childhood if you were born in the 80s – 90s. I listed only one song by a single artist (excluding Narayan Gopal). Forgive me if I miss out an important song.

The list is as follows:

1. Euta Manche Ko – Narayan Gopal

Narayan Gopal Guruacharya, also known as “Swor Samrat” (Emperor of Voice) was a hit back then. He still is. Providing the world with “Tragedy Song” genre, he told everyone that everbody hurts sometimes. He truly was a great singer with a voice that could go as high as he wanted or as low as he preferred. His musical numbers are a hit and are still getting airplays these days. “Euta Manche Ko” has to be one of the most popular song by Narayan Gopal. Others being “Yo Samjhine Mann Chha” and “Kehi Mitho” to name a few. When I was a kid, even I used to give my attempts in singing his songs even though I did not understand them back then. This song is worth a listen still today.

2. Ukali Orali – Tara Devi

Tara Devi also known as “Koili Devi” or the “Nightingale of Nepal” was the most famous female singer. Recording thousands of songs in her lifetime, she sang songs about our nation and our people. The people of Nepal were delighted by her patriotic songs back then. She also sang on the topic of love. Ukali Orali is one of the most precious song gifted by the nigtingale to this world. Her voice comes out with a level of clarity that not many in this world can achieve. The words to this song are written by Chandani Shah and the music is by Nati Kaji. Ukali Orali is truly a timeless classic that can never get old.

3. Asarai Mahinama – Chujan Dukpa

This sad song tells the story about a man remembering his wife, kid and village which he had to leave to come work in a big city far far away. The man is reminiscing the time with his family in this song. This is a great timeless classic by Chujan Dukpa. The song has been remixed several times including one from the popular Indian Idol winner Prashant Tamang. But none of those can even come close to this original one.

4. Eh Kanchha Malai – Aruna Lama

Aruna lama was known as the “Nightingale of the Hills” and her voice was more than enough to prove it. Loved by many, her songs stole away the hearts of lots of people. She had a lot of hits back then and I decided to list this one call “Eh Kancha Malai”. This song is great and worth a play.

5. Mohani Lagla Hai – Movie: Chino – Narayan Gopal and Asha Bhosle

Ok, I told only one song per artist but this song from the movie Chino is too good to miss out. Also this song features Asha Bhosle a prominent Indian singer. With the great Nepali actor Shiva Shrestha starring in this movie and song, this song was a big hit. My friends danced to it and I was too shy to show off my moves.

6. Jati Maya Laye – Arun Thapa

Jati Maya Laye pani is another classic tragedy song performed by Arun Thapa. This song is totally mind blowing with a classic feel that will steal your heart away.

7. Aage Aage Topaiko Gola – Danny Denzongpa and Asha Bhosle

I knew Danny Denzongpa from songs like “Rato Rani Fule Jhai Saanjhama” and “Chiso Chiso Hawama”. But just a few years ago people from the internet discovered this great song called “Aage Aage Topaiko Gola” sung by Danny Denzongpa and Asha Bhosle. Thanks to social media this is a hit number still to this date.

8. Kusume Rumal – Udit Narayan Jha and Deepa Jha

From the hit movie Kusume Rumal, the title song Kusume Rumal is quite a hit. Sung by Udit Narayan Jha and Deepa Jha for this 1985 Nepali Romantic film, this is a song that is not unknown to many.

9. Gajalu Ti Thula Thula Akha – Gulam Ali

Galaju Ti Thula Thula Akha is a beautiful song by Gulam Ali. Totally a hit Nepali classic that has been covered by a lot of music enthusiasts to date. Also as a side note this song is written by M.B.B. Shah

10. Deurali Ukali – Saroj Gopal

Receiving a lot of plays in Radio Nepal back in the days, Deurali Ukali is a really good classic Nepali song. This song is from the mid 70s. This must be one of the oldest song in this list.

Bonus Song

Makhamali Cholo – Meera Rana

This is one extra song for Nepali classic music lovers. This song is by Meera Rana called Makhamali Choli. Sung faster than the rest of the songs, this is one of those that took a modern step in the field of Nepali music.

I hope you enjoyed the list. There are a lot of songs which I did not include in this list because I did not want this list to be too long. Only Narayan Gopal’s song could be used populate this list but I wanted to feature as many Nepali music artists as possible. If you are interested you can always search for them as almost all of them have been archived in YouTube. Enjoy falling deeply in love with these timeless classics and if you find any interesting ones post them in the comments.