Must Have Android Apps For Loadshedding in Nepal

Loadshedding in Nepal is not a pretty thing. Honestly speaking, the whole country seems to be depressed because of this. What is more depressing is the fact that this trend will continue for years to come. Due to this reason, we have figured out our own ways to kill time through the dark hours.

Our smartphones and tablets can be a really good friend during loadshedding. We can play games; use the internet, Facebook, Viber etc. when the lights go off. These can ease our sufferings. This post is dedicated towards providing you some app suggestions to get you through load shedding in Nepal.

Loadshedding Apps for Nepal

1. Loadshedding App

The first thing that you must have is a loadshedding app. I am pretty sure that you already have one. This app will allow you to figure out the loadshedding schedule. With changing hours it is almost impossible to remember light off and on hours these days. So, an app is a must. Moreover, these apps are smart enough to notify you before electricity is shut down in your area.

There are two popular loadshedding apps for Android:

2. Flashlight App

Getting around the dark can be a hell, specially if you do not have a flash light. You might not always be carrying a torch light but you will always have your mobile phone with you. So, why not install a flashlight app for your mobile. These apps allows you to use your mobile’s led light (the light that goes on when you take photos with flash on) as a flash light.

Now, using such apps for an extended period of time is highly not recommended. This type of app consumes your battery rather quickly, meaning you will have to charge it often and this degrades the life of your battery. Use your flash light app when it is absolutely dark. Otherwise, I am pretty sure you have learned how to walk with the help of light or just a hint of light coming from a distance.

There are many flashlight apps in the Play Store. Here’s a fancy one I’ve found:

3. Game Apps

I know that playing games is not the most productive thing that one can do. But it does make us forget about the real world for a moment as we immerse into the gaming world. Either that or we are too addicted to games, leveling up and collecting coins/XP/fruits or whatever points. You can spend hours playing games while forgetting about load-shedding, as long as your battery does not die.

Here are five games for Android that you might like:

  • Candy Crush Saga: I’ve never played this game but I see everyone playing it. It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t list this game here.
  • QuizUp: A Trivia game app where you challenge your friends and strangers in different quiz categories. Fun to beat friends, gain XP, level up and rank top in countrywide rankings. Not your everyday game. You might even learn something from this.
  • Swordigo: An adventure game which really got me addicted for a few days. You might like it if you give it a try.
  • Cut the Rope 2: Cross obstacles for feeding your character some candy. This game keeps you busy for a while.
  • Solitaire (or other card games): A classic card game that has been made really famous thanks to MS Windows. Play it again and get into sorting cards.

4. Exercise and Health

When the lights go off, why don’t you exercise and stay fit. Challenge yourself and stay healthy.

There are apps for your motivation:

  • Push Ups Pro: Keep your phone flat on the floor, and beging doing pushups. Your nose will touch the screen of your phone and your pushups will be counted accurately. Push up plans and challenges are all set by his app.
  • Sit Ups Pro: For working out your abdominal region. Try to get them six packs. There are more of these for other exercises like pull ups and squats.
  • Runtastic Pedometer: Go out for a walk, and this app will count the steps you take. Not 100% accurate but works. If you want to count your steps 24 hours a day then try Noom Walk instead.

5. Radio and Music App

Listening to the Radio is still fun. Specially when the lights are off and you have nothing to do. I have listed some apps that allow you to tune into Nepali Radio and FM in a previous post. You might even have other music apps that can play your local music files. Those are great too.

6. Books and Magazines

It might also be wise to get into reading when you don’t have the blessings of the god of light.

Here are a few applications to help you get started:

Free Books & Stories – Wattpad: Read free ebooks and stories of different categories. Popular books by famous writers as well as new books by new writers are present in the collection.
Audible: Listen to books as audio and enjoy great stories without having to burn out your eyes.
Flipboard: An Android magazine app with a really impressive layout.

7. News Apps

It always helps to stay in touch with the latest updates. Read news from top news providers of our country.

Try these:

  1. Onlinekhabar: Get the latest happenings from Nepal’s top online news portal.
  2. Kantipur (KMG): Read Kantipur News.
  3. Nagarik News: Read Nagarik News.
  4. BBC News: Helps you catch up on international news.

8. Communication App

Instead of meeting your friends and hanging out with them, you get to stay in touch with your friends and chat with them about one thing or another, or simply just bother them with these apps:

  • Facebook and Facebook Messenger: Everyone’s on Facebook. Needless to say, you can find the most irrelevant happenings in Facebook which you try to figure out. Just like away.
  • Viber: Most of my friends seem to use Viber. I use it to chat with them, share pictures and other useless garbage. You can try it too. You might even prefer Whatsapp or WeChat.

9. Cooking App

Some people might even love to cook or learn to cook during loadshedding. Your Microwave Oven might not turn on but you can get creative with your Gas Stove and a frying pan.

Here are two cooking apps for you:

10. Other Apps

If you still need additional apps then try these:

  • Talking Tom Cat 2 Free: Talk with a cat who repeats what you says. Fun for five minutes if you are alone. Recommended to be used in a group.
  • Drawing cartoons: Edit your own cartoons, be a director and create great animations.
  • Pocket Manga – Manga Reader: Read Manga’s offline.