Nepal’s Mathematical Flag

We all are aware of the fact that Nepal’s flag is quite unique. Our flag is made up of two triangles and no other country uses such a shape for their flag. The closest one is the state flag of Ohio.

The colors and the symbols present in our flag have their own meanings like peace, harmony, courage and hope.

In Short:

Blue Border: Peace and Harmony (Lord Gautam Buddha’s message of Peace).
Crimson Red: Bravery of our Nepalese ancestors.
Sun and Moon: Our country will last forever just like the sun and the moon.
Two Triangles: Two Major Relgions – Hinduism and Buddhism.

Drawing the Nepalese flag is another whole story. I only knew that the triangle on top is a bit smaller than the one in the bottom. As a kid I drew it to look something like this:

Nepalese Flag Drawing

Now, I’ve found out that it was good enough for the time but was not 100% accurate. Nepal’s constitution of 1990 has the accurate geometric steps to draw our national flag. The interim constitution of 2007 also has the same steps to draw our flag. This makes the flag of Nepal, world’s most mathematical flag.

Click on the following images to see the entire steps to make the flag

In English

Flag Method English
Source: LawCommision

In Nepali

Flag Method Nepali
Source: LawCommision

The steps are long and detailed. As I’m not a genius in geometry, I cannot figure out how to follow those steps. But if you are interested follow the video from a channel called Numberphile. People from that channel draw the flag with those exact steps. See how accurate the end result is.

Hope you could figured it out. Are you giving it a try?