List of Public Holidays in Nepal for 2070 B.S. (2013 – 2014)

Nepal is a country which has one holiday per week. Officially, Saturday is given as a day off and the remaining six days of the week are work days. This same trend is not followed by INGOs. While most parts of the world follow 2 days per week holiday (Saturday-Sunday) Nepal has only 1. But the 1 day less weekly holiday is compensated by a large number of festival holidays that come all year round.

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For the year 2070 (2013 – 2014), there are 28 days public holidays nationwide excluding Saturdays. The public holidays for festivals do not fall on the same date every year because of the fact that they are celebrated according to Lunar Days / Tithis. Also note that some festivals are region specific. That means holidays are given on a certain festival within a certain city.

This is a post dedicated to listing all the public holidays of Nepal for the year 2070 B.S. (2013 – 2014 in Julian Calendar). You can also see those public holidays in our Nepali Calendar. The holidays are given a reddish color in the calendar of this site in order to identify them. Saturdays without any events are not included in this list.

The list of holidays of Nepal for 2070 Bikram Samvat (2013 – 2014):

1Baishak 1Apr 14, 2013SundayNepali New year
2Baishak 6Apr 19, 2013FridayRam Nawami
3Baishak 11Apr 24, 2013WednesdayLoktantra Diwas
4Baishak 18May 1, 2013WednesdayLabor Day
5Jestha 11May 25, 2013SaturdayBuddha Jayanti
6Jestha 15May 29, 2013WednesdayGanatantra Diwas
7Bhadau 5Aug 21, 2013WednesdayJanai Purnima / Rakshabandhan
8Bhadau 6Aug 22, 2013ThursdayGai Jatra (Only Kathmandu Valley)
9Bhadau 12Aug 28, 2013WednesdayShree Krishna Janmastami
10Bhadau 23Sep 8, 2013SundayTeej
11Bhadau 25Sep 10, 2013TuesdayRishi Panchami (Only for Women)
12Bhadau 29Sep 14, 2013SaturdayBal Diwash
13Aswin 2Sep 18, 2013WednesdayIndra Jatra (Only Kathmandu Valley)
14Aswin 19Oct 5, 2013SaturdayGhatasthapana
15Aswin 25Oct 11, 2013FridayFulpati
16Aswin 26Oct 12, 2013SaturdayMahastami
17Aswin 27Oct 13, 2013SundayMahanawami
18Aswin 28Oct 14, 2013MondayBijaya Dashami
19Aswin 29Oct 15, 2013TuesdayEkadashi
20Aswin 30Oct 16, 2013WednesdayDuwadashi
21Kartik 1Oct 18, 2013FridayKojagrat Purnima
22Kartik 16Nov 2, 2013SaturdayKukur Tihar
23Kartik 17Nov 3, 2013SundayLaxmi Puja
24Kartik 18Nov 4, 2013MondayMha Puja / Govardhan Puja
25Kartik 19Nov 5, 2013TuesdayBhaitika
26Kartik 23Nov 9, 2013SaturdayChhath Parwa
27Mangsir 2Nov 17, 2013SundayGuru Nanak Jayanti (Only For Sikhs)
28Poush 2Dec 17, 2013TuesdayYo: Mari Punhi
29Poush 10Dec 25, 2013WednesdayChristmas
30Poush 15Dec 30, 2013MondayTamu losar
31Magh 1Jan 15, 2014WednesdayMaghe Sankranti
32Magh 16Jan 30, 2014ThursdayMartyrs Day
33Magh 17Jan 31, 2014FridaySonam losar
34Magh 21Feb 4, 2014TuesdaySaraswati Puja (Only in Some Schools)
35Falgun 7Feb 19, 2014WednesdayPrajatantra Diwas
36Falgun 15Feb 27, 2014ThursdayMaha ShivaRatri
37Falgun 18Mar 2, 2014SundayGyalbo losar
38Falgun 24Mar 8, 2014SaturdayWomen’s Day
39Chaitra 2Mar 16, 2014SundayFagu Purnima
40Chaitra 3Mar 17, 2014MondayHoli in Terai (Only in Terai Region)
41Chaitra 16Mar 30, 2014SundayGhoda Jatra (Only Kathmandu Valley)
42Chaitra 25Apr 8, 2014TuesdayRam Nawami

Other Events Without a Holiday

1Baishak 5Apr 18, 2013WednesdayChaite Dashain
2Baishak 26May 9, 2013WednesdayMother’s Day in Nepal
3Shrawan 7Jul 22, 2013MondayGuru Purnima
4Shrawan 21Aug 5, 2013MondayGatha Muga:
5Shrawan 27Aug 11, 2013SundayNag Panchami
6Bhadau 20Sep 5, 2013ThursdayFather’s Day in Nepal
7Aswin 11Sep 27, 2013FridayJitiya Parwa
8Kartik 15Nov 1, 2013FridayKag Tihar
9Mangsir 16Dec 1, 2013SundayBala Chaturdashi
10Poush 18Jan 2, 2014ThursdayTol losar
11Magh 2Jan 16, 2014ThursdaySwasthani Brata Begins
12Chaitra 24Apr 7, 2014MondayChaite Dashain

This Year’s Interesting Facts and Stats:

  • Nepal Celebrates Three Democracy days (or Republic day). All these three days are holidays. They are named as: Loktantra Diwas (Baishak 11 / Apr 24, 2013), Ganatantra Diwas (Jestha 15 / May 29, 2013), Prajatantra Diwas (Falgun 7 / Feb 19, 2014).
  • This year 35 holidays fall on Weekdays.
  • Similarly 7 holidays fall on Saturdays.
  • Out of total holidays, 7 days of holidays are not for everyone. Most are regional, while some are for certain gender or religion.
  • This year there are 52 total Saturdays.
  • Total number of event holidays including those that fall on Saturday are 42.
  • Ram Nawami comes twice in this year. Once on Baishak 6 / Apr 19, 2013 and again on Chaitra 25 / Apr 8, 2014. The first one falls on a Friday while the next one falls on a Tuesday. Both days are holidays.
  • Chaite Dashain also comes twice this year. Once on Baishak 5 / Apr 18, 2013 and again on Chaitra 24 / Apr 7, 2014. The first one falls on a Wednesday and the other one falls on a Monday. Chaite Dashain is not a holiday.
  • The day with the maximum number of holidays is Wednesday. 10 Wednesdays are Holidays.
  • Asar and Shrawan are the 2 Months without any holidays if you exclude Saturdays.
  • Most of the Dashain Holidays Fall on Aswin. Hence it is the month with the highest number of holidays. 8 Days on Aswin are event holidays (including a Saturday).